Creative Confidence: Finding The Spark Within

Writing professionally feels a lot more like head-banging on the nearest hard surface than lyrical sentences of epiphany pouring from our fingers. In the age of quotables, taglines, and books that transform generations, how do we keep our creative confidence?


Creativity Is A Muscle

We aren’t born with a set, measurable amount of creativity. Pouring it on one project doesn’t withhold it from another.

Creativity begets creativity. The more you use it – practice with it, exercise it, play with it – the more you have. I spent last weekend at the piano while it rained, and restored a creative energy that boosted my writing the following week. Creativity comes in all forms and elevates all forms.

Exercising creative instincts in one platform sharpens your creative outputs in another. Stretch that muscle. Bend it. Twist it. Shake it.

Most importantly, use it.

Igniting the Spark

If you haven’t felt creative in ages, nothing stands in your way from starting now. Creativity lies dormant until you bring it to life.

The way you unearth it doesn’t matter – doodle on a napkin, play chopsticks on your grandma’s untuned piano, tell your niece a bedtime story made up on the spot – but doing so ignites a spark inside that empowers your creative spirit to create again… and again… and again.

My mom is an excellent quilter. She positions shapes, patterns and color in mesmerizing pieces stitched together one loop at a time. This lends her creativity to painting where she distinguishes between the subtleties in shades of green.

Creative output is fluid. Allow it to flow.

Keeping It Lit

Allow creativity to ebb and flow. It’s a relationship you have with your craft, and that means you can’t always blast out 10,000 words in one writing sitting.

Feed it where you can, embrace the lulls when you can’t and trust that your creativity isn’t a linear experience you have when beginning a painting, a musical piece or a manuscript.

Embrace the process. Trust your experience. And celebrate your milestones.




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